Project BLOOM MD was created by our founder Briell B McCoy-English. In 2017 Briell had a vision of starting a program that would help the young ladies in her community but neglected that vision to carry on other ideas of a dream. As she began to allow what she thought was her passion cause a drought in her life, she began to have thoughts of the idea that had been growing for over three years ago. Briell did not officially begin finalizing the beginning stages of Project BLOOM MD until the pandemic of 2020. During this time Briell realized that when all things fail a connection with the community is what waters the fruit that was called to BLOOM in her life.


Project BLOOM MD INC is a mentoring program for young African American girls between the ages of 10-21 years old. Project BLOOM has been designed to work with young ladies on disciplines that will help the participants to strengthen their communities by learning ways to strengthen themselves. BLOOM is an acronym and stands for Bringing Life Out of Madness and this organization has amazing plans underway to accomplish that goal. 


 Continue browsing our website and sign an eligible young lady up for membership, see all of the upcoming activities, cool merchandise, pictures of Project BLOOM MD as well as donate to this amazing organization. 


Please continue to help water this ground and watch our Project BLOOM! 

Upcoming Events:
Young Ladies Yoga in the park Oct/Nov 2020

This series of events will be a time of reflection and self care for our young ladies. Please apply for membership to participate in our virtual Yoga/Meditation sessions. Below are the dates for the events:

  • 10-25-2020-Canceled

  • 11-8-2020@ 12 noon 

  • 11-29-2020 @ 12noon