"Every flower blooms at a different pace"  
                                                            - Suzy Kassem

Potential Projects in B.L.O.O.M (programs)

Weekly Mentoring Sessions
Mentoring will include a curriculum based activity engaging participants on our organizations objectives. "Flowers" will meet with their age specific groups weekly to conduct check ins, foster positive social settings and implement the mission, vision and objectives of Project BLOOM.

Quarterly Empowerment Summits

Empowerment summits will include meet ups with like minded "Flowers" conducting fun and interactive developmental tools to help our "Flowers" foster our Mission, Vision and Objectives as well as to gain a sense of "Empowerment" within themselves and their community.

Partnership Seminars
Partnership seminars will help link our "Flowers" with adult mentors that are connected with employment opportunities that spark interest within our participants. The seminars will help our participants gain more knowledge into the work world as a female and the possibilities they have to look forward to.